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CRO services, Patient Recruitment and Auditing Clinical Trials


R4you Company is a clinical research company that takes a customer-centric approach, and  accelerates clinical trials and offers a wide range of services from end to end in clinical studies.

In addition to providing CRO services, the R4you company is also highly experienced in patient's recruitment – allowing clinical trials to be matched with participants that perfectly match specific criteria. The company currently has a database with more than 60,000 healthy volunteers and rare diseases.

Our Services:

√ Project Management

Professional and efficient management of clinical studies is essential for the success of any clinical study.

At R4you, we believe that only our professional experts, who are experienced in managing clinical studies, can reach the maximum results in all stages of the study.

R4you Company offers all types of Study Monitoring, including: pre-study visits, study-initiated visits, on-site research monitoring and site closure visits.

The Role of your Project Manager will include: clinical study-related risks and mitigation plan; kick-off meetings; ongoing reporting and discussions; ensuring all parties are well trained, stay updated and adhere to study requirements; and budget management. Above all, you get a solution for all "end to end" process.

Regulatory services

Deeply familiar with all relevant guidelines and regulations for clinical trials in Israel and abroad.

At R4you, we take care of all your trial’s regulatory processes, saving your time, resources and inconvenience, according with the relevant local health authorities, as well as deep familiarity with GCP guidelines, MOH,FDA and EU regulations.

Among the services, we offer – submissions to the local Helsinki Committee and MOH; and consulting services.

Auditing  services

GCP Auditing expertise which can help you to meet the international ethical, scientific and regulatory requirements of local health authorities.

R4you company has many years of experience in conducting Auditing GCP in clinical trials.

R4you company performs site inspections, and contains Audit quality management systems. The scope of these inspections may vary according to the objectives and the focus of the inspections. Standard operating procedures audits, conducting a comprehensive inspection: gathering evidence, producing an inspection report (including rating of findings, review of corrective and preventive actions).

Patient recruitment services

Successful recruitment of patients may be one of the most challenging aspects of conducting clinical trials. Also, lack of knowledge and experience in patient retention during the study affects crucial outcomes. 

At R4you, we have experience using our innovative platform to bring patients to a variety of studies.
Our company suggests patient enrollment services.
*We are working parallel to the site's recruitment, by building digital campaigns (Facebook & Google campaigns) in every country on every language; Mailing ads to large patient's Database;
Medical Forums, and more…

We can focus a campaign according to exclusion criteria in the trial: age/ gender/ geographical region/ type of disease, and only this population will be exposed to the advertisement.















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